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What It's All About: The Age-Play and Daddy/Daughter Fantasy isn't necessarily about incest, it's about domination, submission and seduction. Daddy/Daughter Fantasies come in all forms: an innocent Little Girl playing "games" with Daddy, a Bad Little Girl being punished by Daddy, a Naughty Little girl seducing Daddy... use your imagination.

The Appeal: Many women enjoy Age-Play, Daddy/Daughter Fantasies because it allows them to be submissive. Despite how far feminism has come, the "slut" stigma is still very prevalent in society. Daddy/Daughter Fantasies allow women to enjoy sex without feeling any guilt or shame. Rather than being labeled a "slut" for enjoying sex, they are simply a little girl who is doing what their Daddy wants them to. Other women enjoy playing the "Lolita" aspect, the Naughty Little Girl who no man can resist. Daddy/Daughter Fantasies come in all shapes and sizes and men and women all have different reasons for finding them hot

'Daddy's Girl'' is a phrase that can be interpreted in two ways. First, a Daddy's Girl can be the result of the way in which a man dotes on his daughter, coddling and protecting her and giving her whatever she wants. A daddy's girl knows that she is her father's life and often takes advantage of the fact that he can't stand to see her cry. A daddy's girl can never do anything wrong and is as innocent as the day is long.

Because a Daddy's Girl is the light of her Father's life, she may be under lock and key. In fact a Daddy's Girl may proudly - or not - declare that she is owned by her Father. A father might try to shelter his Daughter from all the unsavory aspects of life, preventing her from developing her independence.

With the view that she is delicate and helpless, a Daddy's Girl can easily turn into a Little Princess. However, the opposite is often true as well. A Daddy's Girl can learn from her Father how to play sports, climb trees, fix things, and so on. In this way, a Daddy's Girl can also become a tomboy. Many Daddy's Girls feel frustrated when they reach adolescence and develop an interest in dating, because their Fathers rarely think that any boy will ever be good enough to date their Daughter.

The second meaning of a Daddy's Girl is a Girl that shows a great particularity for her father and does everything to please him. A Daddy's Girl puts her Father on top of the world where no other man could ever measure up. This type of Daddy's Girl strives to impress her father, seeking approval, and is highly concerned about how he thinks of her. This situation is a great example of the Electra complex, a psychoanalytic concept that refers to a female's unconscious tendency to form a close attachment to her father and to subsequently exhibit hostility to her mother. The Daddy's girl of the Electra complex is comparable to the mamma's boy illustrated in the psychoanalytic concept of the Oedipus complex.

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Taboo playtime

I love my taboo play time when I get to be a special little WHORE for my Daddy and please him in all the ways he teaches me. I have no limits with him because I know how to be a good little FUCK SLUT WHORE just for him. I love his COCK inside of my tight little hole and how he slaps my arse until it's all red and sore and I can barely sit down. He doesn't stop there though, because he likes to make my hole hurt with his big fat COCK. I take it like a good girl should.

Daddy is such a perverted nasty and kinky man. I love having taboo sex with him because he makes me squirt all over. I make such a big mess for him and then he makes me clean it up. What are your fantasies? Do you want me to make a big mess on your dick too?


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